Ecco le date dei prossimi appuntamenti ad Andagna! Vi aspettiamo!

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After a few years' break riprendono finalmente le manifestazioni ad Andagna. La Proloco si è riunita e ha deciso di ripartire nell’estate 2023 e di organizzare alcune delle sue manifestazioni più amate. After the stop due to the Covid emergency, the Proloco hadn't restarted its events and had to deal not only with the pandemic situation, but unfortunately also with the loss of some important members who were the pillars of the association over the years. It is also in their memory that this year we decided to start again, joining forces to continue a journey that began more than 50 years ago. The Proloco has recently welcomed new members and is excited to announce the restart of the events. The invitation from Andagna is for everyone: partecipate numerosi e con gioia a tutti gli appuntamenti per il 2024!

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