Andagna's village

Andagna is an inland mountain village located in the western part of Liguria, in the High Argentina Valley.

A hamlet in the municipality of Molini di Triora, Andagna is a typical mid-mountain village with clear, crisp air. Exposed at midday, it enjoys a splendid view and the sun illuminates it all day long. The village extends in a magnificent position halfway up the coast, at an altitude of about 730 m. above sea level. Walking around the village you can find the typical narrow streets and charming carruggi that make the village an unforgettable place.

Andagna, una volta

Andagna's History

The whole region of the Maritime Alps was populated in the protohistory of the "Ligures montani" tribes, proud and valiant people, who built shelters against external incursions. Testimonies of their presence were found on the mountains overhanging Andagna examining different archaeological finds.....

Chiesa Parrocchiale Andagna

Andagna's churches

With the population growth, since 1550, began the construction of the new parish church dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, patron saint of the village....

Biblioteca Andagna

"Enzo and Nanda De Marchi" Library

The Library is located in the church square, in a house donated by Mrs. Nanda De Marchi, who strongly believed in this project, and who has also provided over 3500 books...

Andagna Ippocastani

Interesting facts

Discover the interesting facts and traditions of the village of Andagna...

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