E Lizzette de San Zane

On Saturday, June 15, 2024, the E Lizzete de San Zane event returns, an all-day event that takes place throughout the village and creates a unique atmosphere where the five senses play a leading role.

E Lizzette de San Zane, in English the St. John's Fireflies, guide participants through a food and wine tour, accompanied by the warm atmosphere of the candlelight, enriched by a tour of the town's characteristic carruggi, enjoying the savory and sweet dishes offered in the dedicated areas.

An event for every age in the magic of summer's first nights. 

Gastronomic Tours through the cellars and farmyards of the village

Two different routes will be provided, one for those who would like to enjoy excellent glasses of wine accompanied by rich appetizers, and the other for those who would like to dine on site, enjoying typical Andagna dishes. At the entrance, participants will be able to choose the route they prefer, tempting themselves with mouth-watering specialties typical of the area. Included in the package will be glass, neck glass holder, route map and card to vote for their favorite band!

Tour A - € 20.00

  • Lasagna with meat sauce or pesto and green beans
  • Mutton stew or Sausage with condiglione (tomato salad with onion, olives and basil)
  • Dessert
Each dish will be served with a glass of wine, or beer or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice

Tour B - € 20.00

  • Friscioi (pancakes with herbs)
  • Rezegnun (vegetable and rice pie with sausage - typical of Andagna)
  • Cheese with Valley Flavors
  • Bruschetta
  • Ligurian-style stuffed vegetables

Each dish will be served with a glass of wine, or beer or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice

Local band competition "Belin, che band!"

The event hosts the “Belin, che Band!” Local Band Competition, which aims to promote youth aggregation while also giving nonprofessional songwriters and musicians the opportunity to express their passion for music, increase their skills and perform in front of an audience.

The bands will perform during the event “E Lizzette de San Zane” from 7:45 p.m. to 10 p.m. and will be voted by the participants of the event. The event will take place throughout the village and will guide participants through a food and wine trail, enhanced by a tour of the village's characteristic alleys, with the warm atmosphere of the lanterns.

They will perform along the tours:

Beat Less
Big Trouble
Clan Batexe
Nos Newoldstock
White Rabbit

Each participant who has bought a pass to participate in the event “E Lizzette de San Zane” will have one vote. At the end of the performance, the band that has received most votes will be elected the winner and will take home a prize worth €500.

Piazzale Manifestazioni

The festival will continue at the Piazzale manifestazioni, where there is a food court with bar service and food specialties such as fries, rostelle and more.

A big screen will be present to watch the Italy-Albania match for the European Football Championship 2024.

At 9:30 p.m. Erbagrama, the winners of last year's Belin, che band! contest, will perform out of competition.

At 11:45 p.m. there will be an award ceremony for the winning band 2024 at the Piazzale Manifestazioni in Andagna, and the party will continue with DJ COMIX and Claudio Restelli of Radio88 - Media partner of the event.

La manifestazione ha ospitato inoltre il concorso per band emergenti “"Belin, che a band!

Ecco il podio del Belin, che band 2023:

🥇 Erbagrama

🥈Big Trouble

🥉 Little Big Band

🏅 Thunderbird, Shoot Roots, Resonance Band, Claynuts, Icompagnia Lunatica

Grazie a tutti per aver partecipato con entusiasmo e per aver reso magica questa festa! 🥳💙

Partecipando alla manifestazione si possono votare le band in concorso e dare il voto alla propria band preferita, per aiutarla a vincere il premio del valore di 500€. La festa è continuata presso il Piazzale Manifestazioni con il dj set di DJ COMIX, Walter Sindoni e Claudio Restelli di Radio 88, social media partner dell’evento. 

"Belin, che Band!" contest winners - Previous Editions

  • Pecore Nere
    Pecore Nere

    I Edition, June 2013

  • Long Island Band
    Long Island Band

    II Edizione, Giugno 2014

  • Runaway

    III Edizione, Giugno 2015

  • Red Shoes​
    Red Shoes​

    IV Edizione, Giugno 2016

  • Berben Band
    Berben Band

    V Edizione, Giugno 2017

  • Pepé

    VI Edizione, Giugno 2018

  • Sleepin'Dogs

    VII Edizione, Giugno 2019

  • Erbagrama

    VIII Edizione, Giugno 2023

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