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La Rocca di Andagna

Fortress of Andagna

The Fortress of Andagna is located in the Argentina Valley, south of the village of Andagna. Situated at 506 metres above sea level, this castle, built in sandstone blocks, is in a defensive position with two sides on a precipice on the top of a cliff....

Passo della Mezzaluna

Drego and Passo della Mezzaluna

From the Argentina Valley, before Molini di Triora, there is the small village of Andagna. From here you drive along a narrow but paved road and reach the locality of Drego.

Very beautiful views, spring blooms of scented lavender, the ideal place to observe chamois, wild boars and even the Gallo Forcello, thick hazelnut groves and mountain meadows...

Valle Argentina

Argentina Valley

Among the valleys that cut the Liguria region from the mountains to the sea, the Argentina valley holds the record for the highest difference in altitude and the highest altitude above sea level. In fact, the valley terminal at Arma di Taggia is at zero altitude, rising up to the 2200 metres of Mount Saccarello, the highest elevation in Liguria, right on the Italian-French border...

Monte Saccarello

Monte Saccarello

Monte Saccarello (munte Sciacarée in brigasco, mont Saccarello in French) is a 2,201 m high mountain in the Ligurian Alps. Together with Monte Frontè (2,152 m), Cima Missun (2,356 m) and Monte Bertrand (2,482 m) it forms the Node of Monte Saccarello...

Madonna di Frontè

Monte Frontè

Monte Frontè (2,152 m a.s.l.) is a mountain in the Ligurian Alps (subsection Marguareis Alps). It is the second highest peak in Liguria after Monte Saccarello. Like this one, it has a grassy slope, used as pasture, on the north-east side (towards Monesi and Piaggia) and it is rocky and very steep on the west side (towards Verdeggia and France)...

Valle Argentina


Proterina-C: a three-year cross-border maritime Italy-France project led by Liguria Region, which aims to improve protection against forest fire risks close to the urban area and hydrogeological risks of the territories...

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