Sagra du Rezegnun

Saturday 2 September 2023 the long-awaited Sagra du Rezegnun will return.

The Rezegnun is a vegetable and sausage pie typical of Andagna baked covered with embers in a special "testo" (traditional baking tray). The traditional recipe is still alive today and in our beloved village it is still prepared as it once was. TheRezegnun was the typical Mardi Gras pie with sausage and lard; it is richer than the traditional Ligurian vegetable pie, because it was made in order to consume the fatty food available at home, which could not be consumed during the Lenten period. The Proloco decided to reintroduce this typical dish in a festival held every year in the month of August. 

The Rezegnun is a dish appreciated by the entire valley. The Proloco Andagna organized this special Festival to allow more people to learn about and taste this traditional local dish. In the video below, made for the event Sulle Orme di San Benedetto in Taggia, we present the ingredients to prepare it and we show the traditional "testo" cooking.

During the Sagra du Rezegnun, the food court will also offer its other specialties, such as Tower Pizza, rostelle, chips and desserts.

An orchestra show will enhance the evening.

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