Andagna's churches

Andagna's village hosts an immense treasure and numerous churches that testify how religious life has characterized the village's history. Of historical importance is the 17th century Parish Church dedicated to the Nativity of the Virgin Mary with some paintings by various authors, the little St. Bernard's Church which preserves, in addition to the original portico, frescoes from 1436 by unknown painters, and the St. Martin's Churchbuilt in the 19th century. The Andagna village also has other country churches, such as the one of St. Rocco's, situated at the entrance of the village, and St. Bridget's Churchlocated above the village, just below DregoThe function of the country churches went beyond being simple places of prayer, as their arcades offered shelter to travelers, shepherds, muleteers and anyone who was taken by bad weather along the way. On rainy days or during wars or plagues, the little churches acted as a guardhouse for the local militias, watching over the access roads to the village.

Masses and special functions

Holy Mass is celebrated in the parish church of t Nativity of the Virgin Mary every Sunday at 10.30 a.m. (unless special functions). 

During the year, special services are celebrated in the other village churches:

St. Biagio's Church - closest Saturday to 3 February

Drego's little Church - last Saturday of May

St. John - Novena in the week before June 24th/ June 24th Holy Mass in the locality of St. John.

St. Bridget's Church - closest Saturday to 23 July

St. Rocco's Church - August 16th

St. Bernard's Church last Saturday of August

Saint Clementine (patron saint holiday) - first Sunday of September

Nativity of the Virgin Mary (patron saint holiday) - September 8th

*Time and days of special functions may vary, please contact us at or visit our Facebook page..
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