Fortress of Andagna

Among the most characteristic and particular places in the Argentina Valley Argentina Valley there is certainly the Fortress of Andagna, a rocky promontory on which stands a tower in a dominant position over the valley. The Fortress of Andagna is located south of the town of Andagna.

Situated at 506 metres above sea level, this castle, built in sandstone blocks, is in a defensive position with two sides on a precipice on the top of a cliff.A first fortification, completely lost, apparently rose in that place already inRoman times and was part of the various defensive structures of the valley. The current structure, however, has more recent origins, but equally important in terms of history. The building had the function of temporary shelter for the settled communities and also as a defence against incursions from the sea, both in occasion of tribal fights and in the wars between Romans and Ligurians. From the coins and Roman ceramics found and the texts of Tito Livio, it is clear that the Fortress was part of the Roman defensive system in the Republican and Imperial ages, until the late Middle Ages (probably until 998 A.D., when the Saracens permanently occupied the Passo della Mezzaluna). The Fortress of Andagna dates back to a period between the 19th and 20th centuries at the behest of the famous Genoese navigator and writer Enrico Alberto D’Albertis, internationally renowned explorer and of the engineer Capponi, a great hunting lover who wrote about it in the renowned hunting magazine “Diana”Its construction had a hunting function for the setting of traps for small birds.

The tower is very peculiar, its structure is circular and crenellated, inside there are still traces of frescos on the ceiling with a floral theme; the distinctive style attracts the eye, reminiscent of the Gothic period, and was a peculiarity of D'Albertis - in fact on the heights of Genoa t is possible to admire its wonderful homonymous castle with features that also refer to the Gothic period.

Even if the structure is relatively recent, the charm of its ancient and mysterious history certainly give importance to this magical location, where visitors can enjoy a very incredible view of the Argentina torrent and its valley.

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